Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Congratulations to our Luminosity 2013 Award Winners!

Congratulations to our Award Winners!

Below are the winning artists, a photo of their paintings and our Juror Bianka Guna's comments. Please respect each individual artist's copyright and do not use or reproduce without permission

The Framing  Depot Gold Award for  Best In Show..... Ona Kingdon for 'Incriminate-Ted'

'Watercolour at its best- very transparent layering of light, following an original idea and impeccable technique –what else could a juror ask for? Congratulations!' Bianka Guna'

The Framing Depot Silver Award for Reserve Best in Show..... Irene Hung for 'Fire of Love'

'A bold statement on two canvases with brilliance and good command of acrylic technique, all wrapped up in a singing, harmonious colour palette!' Bianka Guna

 The Ken Macfarlane Landscape Award  ..... Pauline Guindon for ''Gated Portal'

  'Great depiction of reflections of light in the building’s windows, as well as good command of perspective principles make this piece, a winner!' Bianka Guna

The Framing Depot Portrait Award..... Ona Kingdon for ' 'Content-Ted'

'A peaceful, intimate and skillful portrait of a child sleeping- an instant classic. Masterful description of serenity, a dreamy piece!' Bianka Guna

The Framing Depot Still Life Award..... Shirely Scoble for ' Kitchen Kaleidoscope'

Transforming the kitchen in an art subject is no easy task, but the close up design and the beautiful analogous palette , plus the transparency of the glass reflection/refraction , all do the trick, congratulations! Bianka Guna

The Phyllis Forrest Memorial Floral Award...... Steven Wolk for 'Rich in Beauty'

Rich and beautiful indeed, the subtle transitions of hot and cool hues, as well as the lush receding flower beds , give us the impression that we can smell the summer perfume ! Bianka Guna

The Studio Six Abstract Award....... Diana Bick for 'Ice Flow'

An aerie composition with high key, subtle choices of colour ,and a strong design, making for a beautiful painting! Bianka Guna

The Framing Depot Small Painting Award....... Diana Bick for 'Beautiful Bark'

A classic case of “small in size but big in scale”, beautiful textures sustained by a well selected colour palette! Bianka Guna

Honorable Mention...... Betty Wong for 'Dancing Orchids'

Clean and crisp transitions of transparent washes that describe well the fragility of the orchid beauty, the wood frame add to the natural look, well done!! Bianka Guna

The Discount Art Supplies Encouragement Award.... Stella Dai for 'Fall Afternoon Reflection'

Highly textural application of paint, in alignment with the rich and organic shadows of a beautiful landscape ,that invites us to step in for a walk! Bianka Guna

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Anonymous said...

“ Walking into the Bayview Show at the MacKay House was like walking into a warm bath full of colour and creativity.

Every piece was an absolute delight, every piece was excellently crafted and I felt immediately welcomed. The award winners

were, as one would rightly expect, excellent – but the other works were close on their heels. From the smallest to the largest there

was ample evidence of the skills and techniques that had been acquired. But beyond this I was captivated by the range of

subjects and the bright cheeriness of the colour used.

And the choice of venue ( THE MCKAYE HOUSE ) added to my enjoyment in good measure – allowing the works to be artfully

displayed with ample elbow and breathing room. I’ll warrant that the historic house relished having the Bayviewites come and

visit for a while.

All in all, a great show and an enthusiastic one “

Wilf McOstrich