Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Merv Richardson demonstrated how to leave mysteries in his paintings

Our September meeting kicked off with Merv Richardson showing us how he painted that touch of mysteries in his watercolour paintings. He did two paintings.

He spent a few minutes wetting his paper back and front a couple of times before laying it on a wet towel covered board. Then he waited until the sheen was gone before he started tackling the paper with his paint loaded brush.

How to make sure the brush does not have too much water to create blossoms? He gave us a tip : when you can see streaks of paint made by your brush on the palette, that would be a sign that the balance of paint and water is right.  He built up layers as he went along, adding values according to his sketches.
Patiently wetting his paper

Adding colour to a soaked surface

First layer

Final touches

In his second painting, he mixed naples yellow with transparent watercolour.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Nora MacPhail's demo August 11

We picked up a lot of information from Nora MacPhail 's demo last week at our regular meeting. Apart from her demo on watercolour flowers, she shared with us many tips of her painting experience as a self taught artist: from using an eye shadow box converted into a handy palette that she can carry around doing life drawing, to how she sells on line and uses handy boards for setting up painting still life. She follows a few daily painters: Carol Marine, Karin Jurick, Lisa Daria and recommended we try for figure life drawing references. She even did a quick briefing on figure sketching before rounding off an information filled evening. 


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Summer to Fall Schedule


July 14 - Shirley Scoble - Doodles tangles and Mandalas to inspire your art.

 Aug. 11 - Nora MacPhail - Watercolour / floral  & still life

 Sept. 8  - Merv Richardson - Watercolour / wet on wet
October 13 - Diana Bick - Acrylic/ Non objective
Nov. 11 - Hi Sook Parker - Watercolour
Dec. 8 - Wilf McOstrich - Watercolour, the "moose" fun you can have with a paint brush


Venue: Rouge Woods Community Centre

110 Shirley Drive, Richmond Hill (Leslie and N of Major Mackenzie)

Registration: 6:45pm

Demonstration starts at 7pm






Saturday, 13 June 2015

Award presentation - Happy moment!


Thanks Anthony for taking these nice photos for us!

Marion Dell'Agnese -Best in Show & Best Floral
Stella Dai (right) - Best Watercolour
Betty Wong  - Best Mixed Media

Steven Wolk - Best Acrylic
Petra Burgmann - Honourable Mention

Anthony Saldutto - Best Landscape and People's Choice Award

Jeannine MacLaren - Honourable Mention


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

People's Choice Award winner

Anthony Saldutto's "Boyd Park" got the most votes from visitors to the Luminosity 2015 Show held last week. Congratulations again, Anthony!

Monday, 25 May 2015

All smile for our Award winners!

From left: Anthony Saldutto (Best Landscape), Betty Wong (Best in Mixed Media), Petra Burgmann (Honourable Mention), Jeannine MacLaren (Honourable Mention), Marion Dell’Agnese (Best in Show & Best Floral), Steven Wolk (Best in Acrylic), Stella Dai (Best in Watercolour).


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Luminosity 2015 Juried Show now on!

Congratulations Award winners!

Best in Show – Ken MacFarlane Award:
 “Fancy Fuchsia” by Marion Dell’Agese
Best in Watercolour – Joanne Baker Award:

“University Avenue, Toronto” by Stella Dai
Best in Acrylic – Phyllis Forrest Award:

“Iris Creams” by Steven Wolk

Best in Mixed Media:      

“Living Water 2” by Betty Wong

Best Landscape:      

“Shipwreck” by Anthony Saldutto

 Best Floral:

“Yellow Iris” by Marion Dell’Agnese


Honourable Mentions  

“Going Sailing” by Petra Burgmann
“Courtyard in France” by Jeannine MacLaren



Friday, 8 May 2015

Thank you, Sponsors!

We are very excited to receive support from the following sponsors in awarding winners of our "Luminosity 2015 Juried Show" coming up in 2 weeks!

York Region Arts Council  For 4 one-year memberships! Members will enjoy a lot of art related news, discounted activities, as well as the opportunity to show their work in the YRAC Artist Market place!

DeSerres  For a lovely watercolour gift package!
Curry's Artists' Materials For a gift coupon!
Art Supplies and Framing Discount Store For a gift coupon!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Luminosity 2015 Juried Show

You are invited to drop by our show to view some of the most original and fabulous paintings to be exhibited. It will be the week after Victoria Day weekend.  Get your friends and family out to see it!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Call for Artists - Luminosity 2015 Juried Art Show

McKay Art Centre
May 20 – May 24, 2015

197 Main Street, Unionville, Markham
Closing date for Entries:  Midnight May 10, 2015

Juror: Jake Mol

Spring is on the way! Bayview Watercolour Society is calling members for entries to our Luminosity 2015 juried show to be held at the Mckay Art Centre in Unionville.  Luminosity is always a well-attended show in a familiar setting for our group and we hope as many members as possible will enter.
Jurying will take place at the McKay Art Centre on Tuesday, May 19 and paintings will be hung immediately afterwards.  Members with accepted paintings in the show are required to sit the show. Artists entering the jurying process may submit cards, giclee prints or original paintings for the Gift shop free of charge.  Artists not entering the juried show can also participate in the Gift shop at a nominal fee of $5. See Gift Shop Submission Criteria for details.

Please remember to renew your membership for 2015-6 to be eligible for entry. Membership form is obtainable from our blog.
Entry Deadline:  Entries must be received by midnight May 10, 2015.

Painting size: Only one painting larger than 25” x 33” is permitted per artist; glass framed, canvas, board or mixed media.
Entry Fee:  $20 for up to 3 paintings, $5 for each additional painting. There is no limit to the number of paintings to be submitted. Only one large painting is allowed for each member (ie. Larger  than 25” x 33”). You can pay by cash or cheque (payable to Bayview Watercolour Society) when you drop off your paintings at the McKay Art Centre on Tuesday, May 19.

How to Enter the Show
Please send your entries with the appropriate information to Marion MacDonald at

Entry Information:  For each painting you enter please provide:

1.     Title

2.     Image size (in inches)

3.     Frame size (in inches)

4.     Medium used:  watercolour, acrylic or  mixed media (if mixed media, please specify which variety of media was used)

5.     Price (both framed price if applicable and the price of the painting matted but without frame or canvas/board only)

6.     Preferred sitting time (see table below*)

Jurying of Paintings:  Painting labels will be provided the week prior to jurying.  Please print 2 copies, attaching one to the front and one to the back of your painting.  Submitted paintings will be juried between 1:00 pm-2:30pm on May 19, 2015. Artists need to return to McKay Art Centre after jurying at 2:45-3pm to pick up unaccepted paintings and see jurying results.    
Delivery of paintings:  Paintings should be hand delivered to the McKay Art Centre for jurying between 12 noon and 12:30 pm on Tuesday, May, 19, 2015.  You or your representative will be required to sign the intake sheet on delivery.  

Collection of accepted paintings:  At the end of the exhibition, paintings need to be collected promptly at 5:00 pm on Sunday, May 24, 2015 by the artist or artist’s representative.  Any paintings not collected will be subject to a $25 storage fee made payable to BWS.  Please be sure to sign out with your name so that we have a written record that you have picked up your artwork. Paintings cannot be collected earlier than 5:00pm on May 24. 

*Choice of sitting time:
    Wednesday   May 20       10am-1:30pm; 1:30-5pm
Thursday        May 21       10am-1:30pm; 1:30 -5pm; 5-8pm
Friday             May 22        10am-1:30pm; 1:30-5pm
Saturday        May 23        10am-1:30pm; 1:30-5pm
Sunday           May 24        11am – 2pm; 2-5pm                                     

Conditions and Rules of Entry

The exhibition of original, water based media is open only to members of the Bayview Watercolour Society.  
Entries must be original works of art, entirely the work of the entrant.  Digital images, prints, art work produced in a class or workshop, likenesses of other artists’ work, or other published source or reference material not attributable to the artist will not be permitted.

Entries must have been executed within the last three years and not exhibited in any previous BWS juried show.
All entries have a professional appearance using archival materials in accordance with the BWS Basic Show Rules 2012 guidelines.  The painting must be ready for hanging with wire.  No saw tooth hangers are permitted.  Matts, when used, must be white, off-white, or neutral in colour and of archival quality.  Narrow frames are preferred. All canvases and wood panels should have edges painted.

All entries must be executed in water-soluble media – transparent or opaque watercolour or acrylic done in either transparent or opaque manner, tempera, casein, inks and dyes, aqueous oils, water soluble pastels, watercolour pencils or gouache.
Artists may not substitute another work after time of entry, nor withdraw that work once it has been entered.  All paintings that are juried in will hang for the duration of the exhibition.  Failure to meet any of these conditions will result in disqualification of the entry.

Entries must be for sale and priced with the intent to sell and at a price that reflects the time taken to produce original artwork (minimum price $100).  Once entered, the price of your painting cannot be changed.  A commission of 20% will be deducted from sales by BWS.  Please bear this in mind and the cost of framing when stating your sale price.
Utmost care will be taken in handling artwork.  However, BWS and/or its representatives will not be responsible for damage or loss from any cause.

Acceptance into the exhibition and Awards will be judged from the original paintings.  The juror’s decision is final.
Any painting sold within 30 days after the closing of the exhibit as a result of having been exhibited in the BWS Show will be subject to the exhibition commission of 20% and payable to BWS.

Permission is assumed by BWS to reproduce accepted artwork for promotional use.  Digital images of accepted works will be retained for the BWS archives.


 Action (s)
May 10 Sunday
Deadline for Submission of paintings and Gift shop items
Email info to Marion MacDonald at
May 19
12noon -12:30pm
Bring paintings to McKay Art Centre for jurying
Bring Gift shop items
Bring cash or cheque payable to “Bayview Watercolour Society” for jurying.
Bring $5 for entry if you do not have paintings in the juried show.
May 19
1:00pm -2:30pm
May 19 Tuesday
2:30pm -5pm
Show hanging & set up
May 19
Return to McKay Art Centre to see jury results
Pick up paintings that are not accepted into the show
May 24
Awards Presentation & reception
Pick up paintings
Paintings not picked up will be charged a storage fee of $25.

Gift Shop Submission Criteria
Deadline for Submission: May 10, 2015
Send information to: Marion MacDonald at

Entry fee:

·       Free for artists entering the juried show. There is no limit of items that they may wish to sell.

·       $5 for members not entering the show. They will be permitted to have 25 items on display at a time. These artists will also be expected to sit the show.

Information to include:

·       Number of cards (individual),  packs of cards (if applicable), prints, original paintings etc.

·       Preferred sitting time*
 *Choice of sitting time:

    Wednesday   May 20       10am-1:30pm; 1:30-5pm

    Thursday        May 21       10am-1:30pm; 1:30 -5pm; 5-8pm

Friday             May 22        10am-1:30pm; 1:30-5pm

Saturday        May 23        10am-1:30pm; 1:30-5pm

    Sunday           May 24        11am – 2pm; 2-5pm                                     


1.      All Open Show Rules regarding the originality of work shall be observed.

2.      ONLY art cards, giclees, prints and original paintings by BWS members are accepted. 

3.      Make sure that your art cards have your name somewhere in order to track sales.

4.      Each artist MUST submit the information required before the deadline to facilitate tracking inventory.

5.      All items sold in the gift shop will be subject to a 20% commission to be paid to the Bayview Watercolour Society.

6.      All artists submitting items into the gift shop (and not the juried show) must be prepared to sit the show. 

7.      While BWS takes great care in handling gift shop items submitted, participating members agree not to hold BWS liable for any loss or damaged items during the display period. You or your proxy (person delivering your work) will be asked to sign a waiver. This document then releases BWS, its executive and members from any liability regarding your gift items, during the show.


1.      Paintings or prints on paper shall be matted using acid free mattes, archival tape and paper or foam backing.  Paintings on canvas, board, etc are also accepted.

2.      White or off-white matt is preferred. Coloured mattes will be accepted.

3.      All prints or small paintings must be in clear bags which are labelled individually with the   ARTIST’S NAME, TITLE OF PAINTING OR PRINT, and PRICE.

4.      Cards are to be packaged in clear bags and priced individually.

5.      Sale items are to be displayed in the artist’s own, small boxes or baskets. The executive reserves the right to re merchandize your items in our display baskets to create a more cohesive presentation.

6.      Items kept in reserve may be used to replace those sold or in order to try something new. Responsibility for this is solely at the discretion of the member.

7.      The Executive reserves the right to reject any items not meeting the criteria.

8.      The Executive reserves the right to supervise the end display.
Thank you for your participation. We look forward to seeing your beautiful paintings!