Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Merv Richardson demonstrated how to leave mysteries in his paintings

Our September meeting kicked off with Merv Richardson showing us how he painted that touch of mysteries in his watercolour paintings. He did two paintings.

He spent a few minutes wetting his paper back and front a couple of times before laying it on a wet towel covered board. Then he waited until the sheen was gone before he started tackling the paper with his paint loaded brush.

How to make sure the brush does not have too much water to create blossoms? He gave us a tip : when you can see streaks of paint made by your brush on the palette, that would be a sign that the balance of paint and water is right.  He built up layers as he went along, adding values according to his sketches.
Patiently wetting his paper

Adding colour to a soaked surface

First layer

Final touches

In his second painting, he mixed naples yellow with transparent watercolour.