Friday, 31 August 2012

Presidents Message

Welcome back everyone. 

It has been quite a summer, so many good things happening for Bayview. As you can see from our blog our fall show IMPRESSIONS 2012 is fast approaching. With a record number of paintings it promises to be quite impressive! Thank you to all of you who got everything done and in on time as this takes any last minute pressure off everyone working on the show as we prepare for hanging day. A special thank you to Ona, Petra, Vicki Betty and Fiona for all the hard work to prepare for this event. 
We look forward to seeing Richmond Hill reflected through your eyes. 
The other big thing happening at our Impressions 2012 exhibition is our workshops. Through the generosity of so many of our members we are able to offer you such a wide variety of classes at an incredibly low price from many award winning members. We even have a class offered by a brand new member who has not yet attended her first meeting. Lucia Lew is a very successful face painter who regularly works at places like The Rogers Center. Please check Lucia and our other artists out. Their workshops have been filling up but there is still room for you and your friends. The proceeds from this event will benefit us all as it will help pay for future projects. 
As a CULTURE DAYS location and as recipients of THE MAYORS ENDOWMENT FUND we are receiving lots of extra publicity and expect a great turn out.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon

Shirley Scoble

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Sales, sales, sales

In case you hadn't noticed, or are not any store mailing list, several popular art stores in the Toronto area are currently advertised sales.

Above Ground:



Studio Six

Each store has a downloadable sale flyer.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Bayview members in International Exhibitions!

A HUGE congratulations to Our president Shirley Scoble, who has just been accepted into her first International Juried Exhibition. Way to go Shirley!

Her painting 'Golden Sunshine' has been selected for the 2012 Pennsylvania Watercolor Society’s 33rd International Juried Exhibition. 

 But BWS has not one but two of our members in this prestigious exhibition!
I am very happy to let you all know that my painting 'Spinning a Tale' has also been selected for the 2012 Pennsylvania Watercolor Society’s 33rd International Juried Exhibition. This makes three years in a row that I have been accepted into this exhibition. WOW! Thank you to Paul Jackson who was the juror for selection.

 The exhibition will be held at the State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA and will run from November 4, 2012 - February 3, 2013. 
I'm also delighted to let you all know that  another of my paintings 'Dream Catcher' has been accepted into the 44th Annual Watercolor West  Juried Exhibition and has just been shipped today.
The exhibition will take place at the
The Brea Civic and Cultural Center
1 Civic Center Circle
Brea, CA 92821
October 13 - December 16, 2012

"Only as high as I reach can I grow,
Only as far as I seek can I go,
Only as deep as I look can I see,
Only as much as I dream can I be."
Karen Rayn
To me this child I painted represents each and every one of us. We all have dreams but how many of us just stand on the safe side of the fence and do not venture into the unknown and follow our dreams. I am so proud of you Shirley for following your dream!

When we enter these big shows there is an element of 'dream' in most of us because out of 600-700 paintings only 100 are selected.... we all hope and dream that this will be the one... the one that will get in... the one that will win an award.... the one that will make our name as an artist...

So Bayview members and our readers around the province of Ontario and the world....Its good to dream. Don't be afraid of failure. Catch those dreams and follow them. Yes, sometimes its a risky journey into the unknown but its also an exciting one. I am enjoying following my dream and I know Shirley is too. Are you following yours?


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Book your workshop now to avoid disappointment!

Places are filling up fast for the exciting week of workshops that we have planned for the last week of September at Boynton House Richmond Hill, Ontario. One of the workshops has only 4 places left available! So book now to avoid disappointment!

Workshops are open to non members as well as members of BWS so if you are interested in any of the workshops listed below e mail us TODAY!

Details of Workshops and Demonstrations:

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 25, 11am to 3pm
Discover the basic tricks and techniques of face painting from this experienced professional. Using brushes, sponges, stencils and more, surprise friends and family with your new found expertise as you turn facial features into colourful works of art.

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 25, 6pm to 8pm
INSTRUCTOR: Petra Burgmann
A presentation of the best tips and tricks of watercolour. Among the tips shared, you will learn the easiest way to create a good value sketch, the best way to lift, how to achieve the deepest darks, to never be afraid of green, and how to avoid mud.

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 27, 11am to 3 pm
Take an enlightened look at colour with this internationally award winning artist. In this interactive workshop you will investigate how careful selection and use of colour can create mood and atmosphere in a painting. Explore analogous and complimentary colours and cool and warm colours and learn some useful ways to use them in a painting. This will be an innovative, fun, and interactive experience.

Be transported to the world of Steven's garden. Watch this enthusiastic and talented artist bring to life all the beauty and colour of summer's bounty.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 28, 11am to 2pm
This award winning artist will demonstrate a colourful, exciting floral composition and then lead you to explore the various artistic techniques with your own reference photo.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 28, 2:30pm to 4:30pm
INSTRUCTOR: Shirley Scoble, BWS
WORKSHOP: ARTY EARRINGS (adult workshop)
Create exceptional earrings using some unusual and interesting materials. Go home with the earrings for yourself or your friends.

Experiment with a variety of media to create a unique abstract painting. Investigate ways of using old familiar mediums to get stunning new results. Go home with a refreshed view for combining art mediums.

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 29, 5:30pm to 8pm
How do we successfully paint on canvas with watercolour? Follow Ben's lead to interesting new ways of expressing yourself that are easy to do. Save framing costs and try this exciting modern approach to watercolour.

Participants will learn how to expand and loosen their interpretation of any subject matter, create an impressionistic style with freedom to work quickly without hesitation.

Bring in a piece of your artwork you think is not working. We will work together and apply methods that will transform the work before your eyes interactively improving skill through this exercise or bring in your subject reference to work on.

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 30, llam to 2pm
INSTRUCTOR: Shirley Scoble BWS
Learn various artistic techniques to create “leaf like textures” while enjoying the artistic process of making an autumn themed design. While the theme of this workshop focuses on leaves, the techniques and materials covered can be applied to a large variety of subjects. A bonus information sheet on creating great greens and autumn colours is included.

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 30, 2:30pm to 4:30pm
Discover the vivid world of Acrylic realism with award winning Artist Fiona Evans. Learn the secrets of her bright colours and stunning techniques to capture the attention of various audiences.

Prices for Workshops
BWS members $10 for each workshop or 3 of your choice for $25
Non Members $20 for each workshop or 3 of your choice for $45

To register:
1. Please email Shirley Scoble at
you will then be given details how to pay.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Culture Day's publicity

As many of you will know by now, our 'Impressions' 2012 Exhibition is part of the Canada wide Culture Day's Event.

I thought you would like to see some of the publicity that we are getting through Culture Days You can click on the link to see the page in full but here is a taster ...

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Feature Artist for August: Jean Haines SWA ,SFP

Its the beginning of August so it's time for me to introduce our new artist of the Month!

Thank you Jean Haines for agreeing to be our Featured Artist this month.  I love the spontaneity and freshness of your Watercolours.

Living with a Passion for Watercolour
Jean Haines SWA ,SFP

Thank you so much for inviting me to be the featured artist of the month. An invitation which I believe is a wonderful compliment and honour. I never take for granted how lucky we are to be able to share with friends and fellow artists from all over the world with the technology now available to us. We can be inspired and hear of art that once we may otherwise never knew existed.

Arab Face Appearing from a First Wash

As a child I remember watching a young teacher giving a talk to our  class.  I was in awe of her energy, thirst for life and enthusiastic way of  sharing her knowledge. She held a painting of a small blue flower  for all to see. That single moment in time led me to my earlier career as a botanical artist. But I have never forgotten the young woman who enthralled the class with such simple beauty on paper. I was fortunate to have  incredible art teachers throughout my education who saw in me what I did not. Only years later do I now fully understand what they were trying to tell me. They thought I was born to be an artist. All I know is, that as an adult I wish I hadn't waited so long to believe in their  faith in me!

  "Jacob" An earlier portrait.

I met, fell in love with and married a wonderful man whose career took us all over the world. Whilst constantly moving  I never tired of learning from masters I met in so many countries. In Asia I studied  brushwork from an established artist from Shanghai. Her words of wisdom have remained with me and I pass on her wonderful tips in my own workshops. I absorbed the vibrancy of colour from my time in Dubai. Here I met amazing artists from India and Pakistan who gave me so much in the way of influences for portraying subjects that are full of life and character. This was my time to study portraiture and I did eagerly. Taking in every single tip and piece of advise. 

 Pinks, a floral study coming to life using placement of the subject in a simple composition.

I write features for a variety of magazines. Each time I aim to add something new as my exploration into technique leads me to meeting manufacturers who have vast ranges of new shades available. Years ago I would have worked totally with one brand of product. Now I am very aware of the need to keep up to date with what is "out there" on a regular basis. Life as an artist has never been so rich because via the internet we know what other artists are using and we can share our discoveries so easily. Colour is so important to my life and art so I always look for something that is exciting and new to keep my watercolour fresh and alive. 

"Morning Light"
The cockerel  from the cover of my new book and a favourite painting because of the vibrant orange combining with red in the main section of my subject. I won an award for a body of cockerels during an exhibition and they seem to now follow me everywhere!

 I do believe that listening is  a vital key to being an artist. Not just to experienced artists who may  encourage us in our journeys but to our chosen subjects as well. Often I find mine lead my brushstrokes almost guiding me  to where I will lay colour next. I work minus a preliminary sketch as I allow colour alone to build my compositions which are often impressions of what I see. I aim to tell a story in each new painting, leaving sections for the viewer to fill in using their own imaginations. This communal bond between us tends to add to the magic within each piece. And I don't use the word magic lightly. I often watch as subjects appear half way through a painting session and feel mesmerised by how they have come alive simply with colour and brushwork. I have painted for so long now and yet I still  feel a sense of awe when pigments interact creating incredible patterns.

I exhibit in a number of established galleries and hold solo shows during each year. Right now I am looking forward to 2013 as I have some very exciting events already booked which will ensure my brushes move continually on fabulous new subjects that have not yet been unveiled. I hold international watercolour workshops in Hampshire, UK. and  I love that artists are attending them from all over the world including Vietnam, Iceland, Canada. France, Italy and South Africa. I look forward to each season and meeting new artists on every session. I feel so blessed to continually keep meeting wonderful people who often stay in touch long after the sessions are over. In Autumn 2012, I will be holding  workshops in Texas and New York which truly is very exciting and I can't wait!

Passionate about working in this medium, my enthusiasm led me to writing. Taken on as an author, my publisher launched my second book "Atmospheric Watercolours" earlier this year in may 2012. To hear it is selling well in so many countries, in all honesty, has taken me by surprise and overwhelmed me a little because all I have ever wanted to do is share my love for working in watercolour. And encourage others to enjoy  painting in this medium as much as I do. I wanted to give all I knew to others so that if the day ever comes when I cannot paint, everything I have enjoyed will be there in a book .

I have simply shared my love of working in my chosen medium in a way that I hope others will follow to either learn how to paint, gain motivation and enthusiasm and also reach their own dreams.

If anyone had asked me what my dreams were years ago I would have said " I want to be an artist ".  I still do and I cherish each day I am able to move my brush because capturing a subject on paper is the most thrilling of all feelings in life. I want others around me to know this pleasure and joy and most of all, I want everyone who has a dream related to art to see that vision become a reality. I dreamt of writing a book, being in galleries and exhibiting. I wanted to write art features. I never dreamt of having my own brush range but I do with "Rosemary&Co" and I love them. I still have dreams for the future. Maybe if I come back in a few years time I can say what they were and if they came true also!

I believe if you want something badly enough, it will come to you. But at times to achieve dreams we need to work hard, practise and most of all believe in our own abilities. There will always be someone willing to knock you down or criticise your work.  If you enjoy painting nothing else should matter as much as that heady thrill when you create. Be true to yourself, love what you do, find inspiration and grow continually. No matter at what level you are in your art journey.  I see all artists as if they are on different steps of a ladder. Some at the top on the highest rung in their careers. Others are just starting out making their first steps. However we are all in this art world together making our way, learning from experience with our own ups and downs. And most importantly we were all beginners once, even the greatest of masters had to start somewhere and I don't think many of them had a very easy climb!

"Beauty of Venice"
The cover from my first book " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour"

For me, I see beauty around me constantly. I am always on the happiest of highs and I love life. I have so many fabulous friends who I care about so very much and a terrific family. Without anything else in it,  my life is rich but if I can just have paper, watercolour pigments and my brushes as well for the rest of my life along with the gift of sight I will be very blessed!

Happy painting!


Full details of Jeans books, exhibitions and art can be found on her web site