Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Pauline Holancin steps in

Bayview meeting, July 8, 2014

The artist originally scheduled for this meeting was unable to attend due to an injury. Our friend, Pauline, stepped forward at the short notice to provide another of her excellent demonstrations.

This time, Pauline’s demo was a scene from Lake Muskoka. 

She started out by showing us some of the paintings she had done in Canada and in Europe.

Pauline always does a thumbnail sketch before she does a painting.  She showed us her sketch book in which she has these thumbnails.  

As she went along with her demonstration, she pointed out the materials she used such as a view finder, magic markers for her sketches, 140 lbs. Arches paper and a 1-inch square brush.

The painting was done  wet-in-wet and she reminded us that it is very important to remember to include the reflections of the rocks and trees, etc. in the water.

(Thank you to Jean Patterson for these notes and the excellent images)