Thursday, 4 October 2012

People's Choice Results

 Here are the results of the peoples choice ballot which took place during the Exhibition at Boynton house last week

 The painting with the most votes was Painting #6 Primal Warmth painted by Ona Kingdon. 

Other popular paintings were Painting #5 Fast Food Fly Through again by Ona Kingdon, Painting #52 Crystal Glass 2 by KyoungReal Youn, Painting #56 Heaven’s Garden Gate by Steven Wolk, Painting #17 Radiance Bloom by Ben Lee, and Painting # 47 Wild Shore by Shirley Scoble.

Thank you everyone for all your votes and for supporting our society.
The member of the public whose ballot was drawn was Margaret Lee. Congratulations Margaret! 

Margaret will be attending our next meeting on October 9th at Langstaff Community Centre and will be receiving her Bag of art related gifts then.

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congratulations Ona