Monday, 14 May 2012

Our Third Featured Artist Betty Wong

Hello  Bayview Friends and readers of this blog,
I love to draw ever since I was a child and had always admired children who could afford painting lessons. As soon as I started working, I took painting classes and did mostly Chinese paintings in my early years. That prepared me for watercolour which I took up since the mid 1990s, and a few years ago, acrylic as well. Now, I paint mostly on my own, trying to establish a personal style. I have also been taking workshops from time to time to enhance my skills.

I am always enticed by sceneries with water especially when it dances in reflections and exemplifies life, either in the form of ripples, currents, waves or waterfalls. 

 My piece at the Luminosity Show, “Living water”, which won an Honorable Mention features one of the many rushing streams in Jiujiakou, a World Heritage site in Szechuan, China. I found this scenery very inspirational. It is filled with energy, with the movement of the water and the lonely hut standing amid gushing water – all too reminiscent of life’s challenges. What better medium to paint than watercolour I thought. I used masking fluid sparingly for some bushes, leaving the white of the paper for the flowing stream, with final touch ups of titanium white to show splashes. I was careful not to over paint the trees in the background so the focus remains with the hut and water, but spruced up the colours of fall.



Anonymous said...

Hi Betty,
I've enjoyed your artwork for awhile now, but here I've found it interesting to hear how and why you have created some of your painting subtileties.

Bayview Watercolour Society said...

I have enjoyed watching your work evolve