Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Our fourth Feature artist Steven Wolk

Steven was awarded the Studio Six Acrylic Award. Thank you Steven for writing to us:

 As an acrylic artist the pouring of the paint, the freedom of no straight lines and getting messy is appealing to me. The thick acrylic paints talk to me and somehow jumps out of the canvas.

I also love the watery flow of watercolour and plan to create some paintings this year in this medium too

 When I create art I've got to get excited… laugh, cry, get angry, to produce what comes out of my SOUL. I can see it in the people’s faces and I must talk... I can't help it

 I really think within the last 2 years my emotions have helped me to create some of my best works of art which I want to share with everyone. It is how I feel truly,


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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
I was explaining your artwork to someone just the other day and I quote," It just makes you feel good to look at it! I can see why someone would want to have it in their home."