Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Change of Artist for our demo on Tuesday 10th

We are in for a very different but fun evening next Tuesday as Russian born artist Valentine Ioppe will be replacing our scheduled artist Donnah Cameron who unfortunatley cannot make it due to illness.

Valentine plans to use two easels, one for him and one for one of us working progressively along with him!!!!! What an amazing experience for all you acrylic artists!

He says: "Art is a unique activity where you don't need assistants, bosses or colleagues, you can do everything from the beginning to the end from the idea to the product by yourself and you are your own boss responsible for the quality. It is difficult to compare art with architecture or movie production with the croud of people involved. "

If you would like to look at some of valentine's work before our demo next Tuesday please visit his website at

Hope to see you all on Tuesday



Anonymous said...

Valentine plans to ask several members to work for a few minutes along with him as he demonstrates various techniques. We could end up with a co-op masterpiece!!


Ona Kingdon said...

Should be really interesting to see how our Bayview piece ends up :)