Sunday, 1 January 2012

12 New year Resolutions for a Watermedia Artist!

It's traditional at the beginning of a new year to make resolutions and I thought it would be fun to think about all those quirky idiosyncracies that make us artists and with the help of my friends from Art Colony and those on facebook create a list  of 12 resolutions for artists. Why twelve? ... one to break for each month of the year of course... as we all think they are just too ingrained in our very being to stand a chance of us changing even if we wanted to... so 
what do you think?

 12 New year Resolutions for a watermedia artist!

1. I will try not to be late for a meeting or appointment because I suddenly knew exactly what that important detail of my latest painting was that I just had to fix it while it was fresh in my mind.

2. When I go out, I will refrain from always stopping and gazing at the world around me especially when I’m standing in the entrance of a public building or at the top or bottom of the escalator.

3. I will place my tea/coffee or other beverage on the opposite side to my paint water with a saucer  over the top.

4. I will not worry so much about the tidiness of my studio space and explain my deplorably bad housekeeping by saying, "it's a work-in-progress..."

5. I will refrain from using my calming strategy (reaching for my favourite softest brush and stroking against my cheek or hand while I think about how to fix the latest mistake) on the cat, dog or any other family members as it doesn’t seem to help me to fix their mistakes!

6. I will try my hardest not to stare at people in a queue as I break their faces up into shadows and lines, colours and shapes and look for colours under the skin tones.

7. I will not bore my family by exclaiming that’s not just yellow that’s  raw sienna with a hint of quin gold and then glazed with a very pale wash of brown madder

8. I will not drive with a camera on the steering wheel to catch pieces of landscape and I will also pull over if I see something beautiful instead of driving all over the road as I gaze out my window!

9. I WILL stop and take a photo no matter what...instead of grieving over it, 10 miles down the road!!

10. I will remember to take off my coat before I start painting and end up getting the paint all over my sleeves!

11. I will not keep my eraser next to my healthy carrot stick snacks while sketching plein aire

12. I will market my latest abstract watercolour poured white socks as designer label originals and not just throw them in the washing machine.

lets all hope that 2012 will be filled with friendship, happiness and bucket loads of creativity. Happy New Year and see you all soon!



Anonymous said...

What a terrific list!!!!!
This should never be deleted so that we can check each month to see if we have stayed on the straight and narrow.
Thanks Ona

Ona Kingdon said...

You are welcome. This list has been so popular on my blog and on facebook I just had to share it here too so you could all share in the fun:)

Tony has shared this link on his facebook page too. Thanks Tony for spreading the word about our BWS blog

betty said...

Great New year start. Yes, we should post this all the time. very enlightening especially about colour - #7. My greens and blues are so different from those of my husband! Thks Ona for sharing

Bayview Watercolour Society said...

yes its fascinating how we perceive colour differently isn't it. Thanks for commenting Betty :)