Thursday, 17 November 2011

Great deals on Dan Smith paints!

My copy of the Daniel Smith winter sale catalogue arrived a couple days ago and I thought I would let you know about some great package deals for watercolour paints. Among the deals are:

 a primary triad of  3 15ml tubes including Perylene red, Hansa yellow and french ultramarine for only $18.95 (a saving of $15.39 off the regular price)

a secondary triad including a 15ml tube each of undersea green, carbazole violet and quin burnt orange for $18.95 (a saving of $9.84 off the regular price)

 Susie Shorts essentials which includes 7 15ml tubes for only $34.03 Colours include, quin rose, french ultramarine blue, new gamboge, phthalo blue, quin burnt orange, pyrol orange and hansa yellow (a saving of $34 off the regular price)

yes, you have to pay postage as well but the postage isn't bad for tubes of paint which are small. They also have a sale on acrylic paints so its well worth a look.

If you are interested and want to look at the catalogue on line Click Here

Make sure you leave the page open on the computer too so that anyone else in the family might see it. You never know they  might take the hint. After all Christmas is just around the corner :)


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