Saturday, 5 November 2011

Demo by Nancy Newman

We have a very exciting demonstration planned for Tuesday's meeting. Nancy Newman will be showing us the art of negative painting in watercolour.


Nancy Newman is an award winning artist and teacher, living in Aurora, Ontario.


Nancy Newman, Artist

  She says, " I have been guided by a quotation given to me by Dr. Frank Brathwaite, a respected Canadian educator. “Those who continue to grow, despite their age, are always in a continuous state of gearing up for life’s next challenge. They maintain a forward momentum and are infectiously enthused about life, which is after all an adventure, not a guided tour”.

My challenge is to learn something new every day and to create a reflection of the small things in life which bring me joy and spark my imagination. As an educator I believe in and practise lifelong learning. Art keeps me enthused and allows my adventure to continue."

What a great philosophy! If you would like to see some of her work please click on this link to her web site.

So what is negative painting?

 Negative painting simply means creating the form you want by painting the area around it instead of the form itself. In other words, if you were painting a leaf, but wanted to leave it white... paint what is behind that leaf to actually shape the leaf itself.

Hope to see everyone on Tuesday. Non members are more than welcome to attend too. See you around 6.45pm at the Langstaff Community Centre on Tuesday November 8th.


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