Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Mark Rosser Demonstration

Mark Rosser demonstrated his approach to watercolour painting, in particular his editing process, to the BWS meeting in April 2014. Working on 140# Arches paper, Mark stressed the need for thorough testing and mixing of his chosen colour palette. He worked from a photograph taken in Killbear Park, along with value sketches, he tested his colours on the exact same grade of paper.
The initial wash was applied over a faint drawing of the major components. Mark saved white areas by carefully painting with water in the areas that would receive pigment. He did reserve a rough approximation of the large tree which would later appear in the foreground. The wash showed a pleasing amount of granulation.

 After two hours, Mark had arrived at the above image. Along the way he showed us various techniques, such as his methods of indicating foliage. He continued to work the image, although time would not allow him to complete the work. He did promise to do so at home, and the following image is his final treatment.
Mark wrote:

"It shows a good example of my editing process. I have applied additional glazes to the sky and bay areas to add richness and colour depth, and to make the glowing horizon stand out more.

I have removed much of the special effect textures, which I had heavily overworked in the demonstration. We now have a more open view into the painting, and the shoreline brings the eye around to the horizon.

The dark silhouetted pine and sumac details added in the foreground build up the dramatic effect I was after, and really complete a sense of depth with colour values."

Thank you Mark for this demonstration. We look forward to seeing you at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit July 4, 5 & 6 2014.

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