Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Feature Artist- Jackie Grisley Step by step demo

Our Feature Artist for this month has very kindly completed a step by step demo of her latest painting for us. Thank you Jackie

JACKIE GRISLEY SWA-demonstration

I am currently exhibiting with a selected Members SWA show at Picturecraft Gallery in Norfolk. As I was painting for the show I thought it might be of interest for my blog to take pics at significant stages.

Pic 1 - I’ve completed a simple outline drawing
Pic 2 - to preserve my whites I have masked off with tape and fluid.

Pic 3 - my paint mix using naples yellow, French ultramarine blue, davy’s grey, burnt sienna, perylene violet and ultramarine violet.

Pic 4 - the sky is done. First I wet the paper and used naples yellow, then a very watered down French ultramarine blue to the lower parts which is hardly noticeable but granulated nicely. I mixed naples yellow and davys grey for around the castle and then added a tiny amount of burnt sienna to that mix. Then I strengthened the grey with perylene violet and ultramarine violet, got that down and then added French Ultramarine blue to darken that mix a little more and over painted once more, always leaving some of the original colours exposed. Then I left it to dry. I got a small run back to the right of the castle – I quite liked the way that happened.

Pic 5 - the distant mountains go in

Pic 6 – masking tape peeled away, ready now to put some detail in

Pic 7 – the castle is done

Pic 8 – the loch water goes in leaving pale areas where the light from the sky breaks over the water

Pic 9 – a closer look at the castle

Pic 10 – the painting is dry

Pic 11 – the outer masking tape is now peeled off

Pic 12 – The finished painting- CASTLE RUINS. I wanted this painting to have some tranquillity.
Actually I’ve just noticed the sky, unintentionally, looks like a flying dragon hissing fire! 



Tony Cook said...

Brilliant! Thank you, Jackie. The dragon hovering over the castle is pure serendipity. Could it be a Welsh dragon breathing fire over one of the English castles in Wales from Edward I's reign? (My favourite is Rhuddlan which looms over my brother's cottage in that village).

What size is the painting? I would assume you frame it with a pretty large expanse of white mat?

Fiona Evans said...

It was great to see how you did this step-by-step. Thank you Jackie for sharing it with us. Absolutely beautiful sky!

Fiona Evans

Jackie said...

Hi Tony-thankyou!I love North Wales and have travelled around Pembrokeshire quite a bit. My painting is of Castle Stalker on the west coast of Scotland, just up from Oban. The 'dragon' in the sky is purely unintended, but seemed apt when I noticed it, and looks to somehow be protecting the castle.
The size of this painting is 250mm H x 500mm W. I use a cream coloured double mount which is about 80mm top and sides with about 100mm for the base. Because I mask off the edges of my paintings I like to leave a gap of white paper (about 7mm) between the painting and mount. My frames are usually satin black with a gold inlay, which I feel seems to suit my paintings, although frames can cause endless debates between galleries and artist! It's what I like anyway. Thanks for your interest Tony - Jackie

Jackie said...

Thankyou Fiona, I appreciate your kind comments-Jackie

Rebecca said...

Brilliant Step by Step! I love how the dragon accidentally appeared! Your right, it's very suiting to the mood of the painting.

Jackie said...

Thanks Rebecca, glad you enjoyed it! Jackie

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your very comprehensive demonstration, love it, esp. the dragon.
I wonder if the dragon was dragin' around when castle was built? How old is it?
I was in England this summer and visited Castleton in Derbyshire. Peveril Castle was built in 1086 for the son of Wm. the Conqueror. UK is rich in castles, now preserved by the National Trust.
Patricia D.

Jackie said...

Hi Patricia, thanks for your comments. Scotland has so many castles, and Stalker is in such a picturesque setting it's not easy to ignore for a painter. I think it's quite medieval, built in
1400's possibly, amazing to think it still stands especially with the wild weather Scotland has. The National Trust do a fantastic job here in preserving important historical buildings that would otherwise crumble to the ground, but I believe this castle is privately owned. thanks for your interest, Jackie

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie
I find your work very inspiring and really appreciate you taking the time to share your demonstration with us and be our featured artist.
Thank you,

Jackie said...

Hi Petra, it's lovely to think as artists we can inspire each other, and I appreciate you saying you find mine inspiring. I also feel honoured to be asked to do this blog. Thanks Jackie

Anonymous said...

lovely to see the painting develop before our eyes



Jackie said...

Hi Jean, thanks, I'm pleased you enjoyed it and took the trouble to tell me. Jackie

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the demo. I loved watching you build up the painting.


Jackie said...

Thankyou Sally I'm very pleased you enjoyed it and glad you let me know. Jackie

Ona Kingdon said...

Thank you for being our featured artist for November. I know our members have really enjoyed finding out more about your work.


Jackie said...

I've really enjoyed it Ona, thankyou once again for inviting me and glad to hear your members have enjoyed it too. My best wishes and happy painting, Jackie