Friday, 29 June 2012

Creative Composition Workshop

It's been a fun filled day at the Creative Composition Workshop run by Ona.

Petra very kindly allowed us to use her fabulous garden as a base for our workshop today.

Members and friends had the opportunity to discover and explore many different compositional rules that can turn the ordinary into the unusual, the everyday into something much more visually grabbing.

Here is Petra finding out more about about each of the rules outlined in Ona's introductory class.

The class were then given time to try out  each of the compositional ideas for themselves through sketching...

and photography

Ona encouraged us to look from unusual angles :)

to get fun, visually grabbing references

  There was plenty of fun and laughter too :)

Lastly we  came together to look at each others work and Ona helped us to see how the references or sketches could be modified and then used for possible paintings.

If you missed this event. Please keep watching this blog for news about our next summer fun day which will happen during July.


Katy Molyneux said...

What a tremendous artistic gift I had today: to be in the company of fellow artists learning, exploring, discussing and laughing together in Petra's marvellous garden full of visual delights! Thank you to Petra for letting us soaking in the visual beauty of your garden to allow inspiration to grab us with camara or brush. And thanks also to Ona for inviting us in such a fun and engaging way to try fresh approaches when composing our photos and paintings. Such days are pure gold!

Anonymous said...

Even though I had some knowledge of composition from previous art classes,Ona's perspective and instruction allowed me to shift my paradigms and explore new concepts for future paintings. Thank you Ona!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to add my name to above comment; also wanted to add that it was very useful sharing our insights with each other, and having a lot of laughs besides. Petra

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to spend a hot day, with a gentle breeze, glorious trees and a pond with frogs, turtles and fluorescent blue dragonflies. A family of Canada geese with three young cygnets graced us with their presence as we studied the mathematics of composition in art with Ona. As you see above, I caught Ona in the act of taking a nap, I mean snap, on the rocks. Thank you Petra for sharing your lovely Nobleton property. Patricia

Ona Kingdon said...

I'm so glad you all enjoyed exploring composition. Thank you so much Petra for such a wonderful venue... I expect I'm the envy of every workshop instructor :)

LOL Pat.... good shot :)

Shirley Scoble said...

What could be better than a perfect day in an incredible place with an extrodinary instructor? Our day began with a tour of
magical property. An artist's dream spot, acres filled with fountains and flowers, gazeos and scenery to inspire any creative soul.Ona then provided us with her insightful perspective on composition. Every one enjoyed photographing and sketching; working out the most unique ways to present their subjects. We now have a clear set of directions on how to design award winning compositions. Thank you to both are gracious hostess and talented teacher.

Rebecca said...

Wow what an amazing day! Learnt so much, and had some great fun while we were all at it. Brilliant wildlife too...Petra did I mention I'm coming to live with you? LOL. Here's my own blog post about the wildlife we saw while there..