Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Happy Birthday BWS !

It was Bayview Watercolour Society's official 10th Anniversary celebration yesterday evening.... a time of laughter and enjoyment, sharing of memories and excitement as we now look on to the next 10 years as a society.

The room was filled with some wonderful art work from our award winning artists.

and included a floral demonstration by Steven Wolk

Our VIP guests Herry Arifin, Hi Sook Barker, Art Cunanan, Anatur Dogan, Bianka Guna, Pauline Holancin, Marlene Madole, Wilf McOsterich, Jake Mol, John Nussbaum, Ita Pechenick, Patricia Pollack, Bonnie Steinberg, Diana Bick, Ben Lee, Jean Soong and Steven Wolk walked the red carpet and posed for a group photo with our president Shirley Scoble.

 Of course, no Birthday celebration would be complete without the ceremonial cake cutting ... completed with a smile by Dorothy.

BWS have introduced a student membership this year which gives high school and university/college students a unique opportunity to experience first hand being part of exhibitions and watching demo's from professional artists.  In the words of our very first student member Rebecca,

 "It's an amazing experience for students my age! I know that so many people who love art but never continue with it after school because they simply don't know how to! BWS can be that stepping stone they need to encourage them into the art world. I have learned so much from Bayview and have developed as both an artist and a better person. Huge thanks to everyone involved!"

Here is Rebecca with Narissa our student volunteer for the evening

 Happy Birthday BWS!


Rebecca said...

So much fun! Happy Birthday BWS!

Judy-Joy Bell said...

Cute photo Rebecca :-))

Happy Birthday BWS.