Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Catching the light!

A big thank you to John for a wonderful demo yesterday evening. Light is such a crucial componant to a successful watercolour. John has kindly e mailed me his sequential photos today to share.  

 He  would also like to invite all members to visit his web site at  and subscribe to his free newsletter. 


Watercolour demo for Bayview Watercolour Society.

March 6 2012                      Instructor.  John Stuart Pryce.

“Catch the light.”


This demo contains helpful instruction on how to present the effects of light in your paintings.

Basically the most effective way to show the intensity of light and it’s effect on objects is to be aware of and apply close values as well as reduced chroma in the highly lit areas.  

    Apply areas of warm and cool colours.                        Add middle values and colours.

          Introduce darker values and colours.             Refine shapes, dark values, cools and warms.


“Cold Gold”  16” x 20”  Watercolour on 140lb stretched Arches cold press.

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